Once known as Lelouch Lamperouge, Lelouch vi Britannia, and Zero, he is now simply known as simply Lelouch or LL
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Avalon was in her limo, staring outside the window and was thinking about what her and her uncle discussed before arriving at the school



Lelouch walked across the sidewalk towards the entrance to the school, another boring dull day.

“Only that your insulting my country, my home government wise, while The British Empire has remained standing for many centuries of my ancestors, while yours started only recently”

"And yet we are already more advanced and powerful than you ever were. Do well to remember that."

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Ciel  settled in the coach and he looked to Lelouch” Sebastian is. He has been with me since I was 11 years of age” He smiled” He is quite the demon. ” He chuckled ” He can be quite vile. 

"That is quite a long time I suppose." He looked back up towards the coachman seat. "I can feel his aura, its thick and dark."

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Rogue looked away, hiding that familar heat on her cheeks. “It was—-It was alright really, I mean—-if I held on any longer..I would of killed you.”

"If you saw my memories then you know that isn’t possible, nothing has been able to kill me, and I doubt anything ever will."

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After a few hours Rogue was awake, but stayed quiet so Leouch could rest. Leaning against the wall, Rogue had her arms crossed, a serene look on her face a sshe watched the boy sleep. He was beautiful, and she was having a hard time taking her eyes off him. 

Lelouch stirred sensing eyes on him, his reflexes kicked in and his eyes flew open. “Rogue, you’re up.”